Happy Full Moon Lova,

How are you?

I recorded a musing on this Capricorn New Moon & the Earth Element of Chinese Medicine.  And for when you feel yourself getting sucked into the intensity that is not imagined, folks, it is real, check out this dry humor, a Capricorn talent to help keep things lite.

Eclipse Season is upon us from now until the end of February.  I speak a little bit about that here, although if you really are feeling the emotional churn, it’s probably time for a deeper dive into YOU.


The recent aesthetic trend I’m observing is cactus- thanks to our reborn Venus Star in Aries for sure. Venus will be riding into Aries again (thanks to her retrograde motion) on Friday, the 28th. Be sure to do some kind of ritual or divination with Cactus for invoking some rad love action.

For more on what Venus in Aries is all about check this.

Cactus Symbolizes: Endurance

Spawning inspiration and the gift of seeing life from a higher perspective are some of its gifts. Despite nature’s apparent “drought” aka no drop of water in sight AND excruciating heat (inflammatory conditions (or freezing cold), the cactus endures.

The cactus also stands for bravery, warmth, affection, grandeur and a mother’s unconditional, undying love to her children.

Plant Magic

As a plant ally, cactus serves to protect and defend our sacredness, sexual honor, self worth, and possessions.

Health Benefits

Healing benefits of cactus and succulents such as ALOE & Prickly Pear include fighting inflammation, tumors, ulcer and rheumatism.

So there you have it LOVAS. Get you some CACTII in assisting the Goddess to stand up for what is right, protecting the down trodden, the rights of those that aren’t standing up for themselves, women, children, elderly or those on the fringes of societal culture. Aho. And so it is.