Happy Full Moon Lova,

How are you?

I recorded a musing on this Capricorn New Moon & the Earth Element of Chinese Medicine.  And for when you feel yourself getting sucked into the intensity that is not imagined, folks, it is real, check out this dry humor, a Capricorn talent to help keep things lite.

Eclipse Season is upon us from now until the end of February.  I speak a little bit about that here, although if you really are feeling the emotional churn, it’s probably time for a deeper dive into YOU.


Here’s some quick ways to inspire the Saggo Vibes if you’re feeling you need a little alignment.

1. Wear funky clothes

—if you feel excited and inspired by a rad and out there color–ROCK IT. So many rock stars are Saggos–that is the feeling we are going for now- Wild, big prints, bold rich colors, turquoise, royal blue, magenta, purple, glitter, bandanas, headbands, fringes, BOHEMIAN, leather, cowboy/girl style, boots, surfer girl style, short shorts–For those of you in warmer climate show some leg ladies!—Saggo rules the hips and thighs and most Saggos are blessed with rocking hind quarters!

Libra Zodiac Styling

Key Words: I harmonize

Brigitte Bardot Libra Sun

Did I hear you say shopping??

Libra loves LOVE, relationships, balance & beauty, and these are always on the mind when Libra vibes are present, whether it’s your Sun sign,  moon sign, Ascendent, etc; even when the sun is in the sign of Libra (Late September -Late October.) It’s a great time to enjoy social events especially those that are cultured, refined and filled with music, art or intellectual conversation. Beauty treatments, fashion and creative activities are highly favored. Enjoy ma Cherie 👯💞

The Moon in Marilyn speaks of Legends

Even amidst so much freshness and buzz in the air, there may still be moments of deep contemplation and depressive tones.
The Moon in Capricorn got me feeling like…. Marilyn, although she was a dazzling gem (Gemini with Leo Rising) she also held deep inside her a Capricorn Moon. What many may not know is that she had a ferocious work ethic and minimalist home that fueled her “on stage” persona.

Venus Rises

Hello LovaLovas! So Venus our love goddess has risen as morning star. If you get up early you can check her in the wee hours in the east rising before the Sun. The eastern direction is one of new beginnings, individuality, growth and belonging to oneself first.
Venus is also swimming into the very last degrees of the zodiac in Pisces. She is in a somewhat challenging aspect to Saturn.