A note about 100% Natural Perfumes & Candles

I believe in the power of the real and the raw of nature. I believe in the smell of real plants, because plant products are filled with life, and just like us humans, they change their properties to adapt with climate & location; they modulate their immune system, teaching and serving us in this way as well, as essential oils are quite simply the aromatic immune system of plant life. The plant’s personal history and relationship with the world around them help us tune into the currents of magic around and within us.
Scent feeds the soul & tunes the subconscious.

Everything I use is 100% natural—either raw herbs, resins and/or essential oils – 90% organic and/or wildcrafted—in a base of either jojoba, beeswax, coconut wax, or organic undenatured alcohol. Many of these raw materials are sourced by me and conjured under astrologically appropriate transits.

What to be aware of:
The scent of natural perfumes tend to be both more subtle and more complex than synthetic fragrances. You may also see particles in the potion. This is natural. Just shake and you’re good to go. Doing this will help activate and extend the scent. The scent can linger for a couple hours. Only synthetic fragrances last all day or fill a whole home with scent.

Why not use synthetics?
We haven’t evolved to tolerate them = health issues for us. The skin absorbs 70% of what we apply onto our body. So we can feed ourselves good stuff or toxins. Zeno estrogens of which anything artificially scented is composed, blocks hormone receptor sites and can cause all sorts of disorders of the immune system, hormonal & gut brain axis, such as PCOS, Endometriosis, breakouts, PMS, Cancer, Infertility, Dysmenorrhea.
Just like with anything else…..Junk food is okay sometimes.
I personally love Mac cosmetic lipsticks & Doritos even though they are literally “choke” full of chemical synthetics), but for a sustainably nourishing diet, choose 100% natural ingredients lovas!

BEWARE when companies use lines like this when listing ingredients: -Made with essential oils- this usually means there are natural oils in the product as well as synthetics if they do not explicitly state it is 100% natural -fragrance oils- these are also synthetics

It may take some time to be able to appreciate the natural fragrances after being used to synthetics but in time you will be able to tell the difference in multiple ways.
Love, Dr. Stephanie Pierre, DOM, AP

SHIPPING- All orders are shipped on Wednesdays, Mercury’s day, deity of travel, commerce & pathways.

Recycling Program /Free Perfume  

Save your used glass bottles and get free product! All you have to do is return 6 glass bottles (all sizes are fair game, except samples)  and you get a free 3ml perfume absolutely free +plus you help support mama Gaia -WIN WIN
Fragrance Sampler

Curious about a fragrance that you saw on our website?

We offer a Try Before You Buy Program.

You can sample* 3 different fragrances for $17 – USA shipping and handling costs are included along with a $10 coupon good towards a full-size version of one of the sampled items (coupon expires 60 days after issued).
You may request up to 3 specific samples* in the comments area upon checkout. We will do our best to accommodate your request, based on availability.
Please include at least 1 alternate, in case a requested fragrance sample is not available.

If no specific samples are requested at checkout, we will surprise you with a delightful assortment.

**Please note, fragrance sample vials or mini sprayers do not arrive completely full. Perfume concentrations arrive in a glass vial and are filled 1/2 way due to their concentration. Other samples of fragrances may arrive in Mini Glass Sprayers and these are approximately 1/3 full – as the spray container is much larger than the standard vial size of 0.7 ml.