Ok honeys, are you ready to turn heads & tails because the M E R M A I D C L E A N S E 
is FULL ON. 30 Days, you & me breaking it down like it’s 1992 R&B tunes.
We are gonna get down & dirty with why BOUNDARIES has EVERYTHING to do with the SHAPE of your Body. 

This is for you if: 
💫You want to lose weight

💫You’ve always wanted abs but never have been able to sculpt them, you bloat easily and store your weight around your waist.

💫You feel drowned in #allthefeels, overwhelmed, stagnant & fatigued

💫You’re a highly sensitive being that feels the collective body

💫Relationship/Sexual healing is needed

💫You’ve recently suffered great loss or have emo baggage 

💫Feeling unsure of yourself & what your next direction should be

💫Your mind and body feels foggy/heavy like you’re swimming in a fishbowl too small filled with your own toxic poisons

We will swim through to:

Greater Clarity of Mind & Vision 

Tap into your currency of intuition

Emotional freedom


Feeling good getting out of bed every morning 

Having plenty of energy to get done what needs to get done

A joyful, flowing and compassionate heart, that knows when to play and when to slay, and when to give away

Calling in your new vision, man, body, dream lover

You get: 
Training Videos
4 Group Calls
Private Facebook Group


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