Nymphs are the jewels of the Earth element. Their gifts reminds us to take pleasure in the physical & sensual dance of being in a body; toned, nude, and structured in sultry sensibility. This is your temple housing you, Goddess. Heal your ancestral roots & DNA, tuning your body as a musical instrument. Understand how to nourish your luscious self, so that you feel rich & worthy everyday. The Earth collection offers a helping hand to beautifully balance your body & business, diamond girl style.

Because your body was made for Loving.


This is a multidimensional body-love protocol unlike anything you have ever experienced. If you’ve been hopelessly attempting to lose weight or reclaim your body as your beloved temple for ages, whether on your own or through some other method to no avail, then this is custom-fitted for you. It’s a hell of a lot more than just losing weight, it’s about falling madly in love with your body again. Beyond shedding pounds, you will drop baggage, which is the true challenge, isn’t it?
Goodbye frustration. Hello gorgeous, confident you.


It’s a jumpstart on your metabolism that gains momentum each step of the way, keeping you motivated by your own results. (You are gonna be addicted to the results, albeit in a healthy way!). This is an investment in your whole self, no doubt.

This is an invitation for you to step off the dieting and self-loathing rollercoaster, and step into a way of life that’s rooted in pure self-love and luxuriously nourishing choices.

This Journey is for you if:

  • You’ve been hopelessly attempting to lose weight
  • You’ve tried all the diets, all the supplements, the waist belts to no avail.
  • You feel like you have nothing to show for all your efforts.
  • Your embarrassed to take your clothes off in public & in even with a lover in private
  • Fatigue, laziness, or hormonal, sleep disorders plague your existence like an annoying pest.
  • You find yourself justifying your weight but if you’re honest with yourself, you know your body isn’t healthy or happy, especially adding 10-20yrs of wear and tear down the road
  • You feel like you’re on a weight-loss rollercoaster yo-yo
  • You lose the weight by starving yourself, but then it comes right back
  • You feel like you can’t follow through on your commitments
  • Starving yourself leaves you irritable and binging at all the worst times
  • You continually struggle to know when enough is enough.

What are the benefits of this Self Care Goddess Makeover?

  • Come home to your REAL Self
  • Become so connected, intimate & supported by your body
  • Have more energy & radiance
  • Learn to listen, trust & take action on your gut instincts
  • Develop a deeper love to your body, sex, & feminine flair
  • Take ritual pleasures in meal prep, cooking and hosting for yourself and loved ones
  • Have a self care/beauty routine that is clean, eco-friendly & unique to you
  • Feel deeply appreciated by your family
  • Feel your worth not just in mind, in your body, and in your soul

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."- Nietzsche

The 4-Part Journey

"Step into your power, Soul Fox."

Opening Scene

Magical Seeds of Intention

Self Worth--Love your Natural Assets-Sensuality-Humor

You will receive an intensive 1:1 Initial Intake. Where we look at what you’ve got going on, what your goals are, and what it’s going to take to get you there. I will also draw up your Heavenly Bodies Chart so you can see in black and white, your unique vehicle’s design.

Before & After Body Fat & Measurements

This is 1:1 Time.

Just me & you breaking it all down like it’s 1992!

  • Recorded and complete with a written report.
  • Body work, energy, work, acupuncture, so its’ not just in your head, you embody and own this mojo.
  • All the highlights, need to knows, & cultural artistic inspiration. So you don’t just have information, you have crystal clear actionable steps to take along with you all within a structured timeline. BAM!
  • Comes with 1 month of unlimited concierge text/email support following session so that you feel fully supported and confident in implementing your game, every glam day, your way.

Getting Down to Business

Shapeshifting your earthscape to reveal your TRUE BODY, boundaries & values.

A bespoke, one-of-a-kind Health & Fitness Self-Care Program.*

What you get:

  • 12 Weight Loss Acupuncture Sessions using my secret Protocol & Body Sculpting techniques that bring deep results, fast
  • + Electrical Solar Plexus Will Power Txs (learn to cultivate you own sacred sex girdle) 
  • 90 Days Herbal Detox + Custom Flower Essence Elixir to resolve any emotional related blocks to having the body you want. (This is what sets this program worlds apart from one-size-fits-all diets and fitness regimes that only address the surface issues and end there.) 
  • Before & After Body Fat & Measurements
  • 90 Day Custom Meal Plan with recipes + In store shopping lesson (no more haphazard guessing what to buy, you’ll have the inner confidence and self-trust to know exactly what your body needs to feel and look its very finest.)
  • 3 colonics or Home Enema Detox Lessons
  • Unlimited concierge service via Voxer, text, or email. You get to ask me any questions anytime. I will respond at the latest by the end of the day. 

+ENDLESS COMPASSION & INSIGHT for where you’re at, every step of the way. Because even our limitations are expressions of Love, dear one, as the butterfly must want to live and breakthrough so badly in order to spread her wings and fly, that if you do it for her, you would rob her of the gift of FLIGHT.



What you get:

  • Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Aura Mists. Check.
  • Custom Astrological Perfume. Check
  • Personal ASTROLOGY & HUMAN DESIGN Report. Check.
  • DETOX KIT. Check.

Custom tailored. No more endless searching on google or WebMD for what will work to fix your problem. Custom Prescriptions straight from the BOTANICA.

But, who is this sparkling rich VIP package for?

Boho-crystal-essential oil-astro-fiends, yogis, health/beauty mysteries, weight loss-skin emergencies, revenge makeovers, heartbreaks or green beauty product junkies who have blown entire paychecks on shopping sprees without the results to show for it. Trust me, this Part is totally worth it!

*Your health & beauty regime products will be based upon exactly what you want and need most, with a little consulting of the stars and tarot, of course! Everything comes with detailed instructions, spell work, and invocation to apropos goddesses/deities, as well as how and when to use them and why.



"Strength is forged every time we choose to be motivated by Love instead of fear." -Sirencreatrix

A bespoke, one-of-a-kind Movement & Fitness Program.*

What you get:

  • Add 12 personal training sessions customized for your body goals and rooted in my background as a well seasoned athlete, a gymnast, boxer, wrestler, collegiate Judo Champion, swimmer, dancer, acupuncture physician and herbalist. I also work with my husband Cham Pierre, Fitness Extraordinaire who may be available for your training needs as well.
  • Written Comprehensive Fitness Program 

Excuses are history. Your new reality is the strong, radiant, and self-assured goddess who steps into the gym and owns her workout with confidence and effectiveness (whether you are home or traveling or in nature, anywhere.) 

All with a focus on graceful performance from the inside out. Hand tailored specifically for you!


4-Part Journey Summary

Exchange is $8800.00 Paid in full or $3333.00 per month.  *Payment plans available. Click hear to schedule your consult now.

  1. Opening Theme – Magical Seeds of Intention
  2. Getting Down to Business
  3. Luxe Holistic Self Care Package
  4. VIP Package Flex Appeal