Emerald Empress


For the Guru inside of you. Arouse your soul & set your wild heart free.

Sagittarius is the sign of the mystical centaur, driven by non other than Galaxy King Jupiter. Reknown to transfigure himself into animal form, one erotic quest after another; ensuring the success of his fertile and virile endeavors. May your dreams seeds of sacred expansion be received in victorious splendour.

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These magical items feature the lucky combo of Jupiter & Royal Star Antares
Emeralds, Amethyst, Saffron, Cognac, Frankincense, Jasmine Sambac, Nutmeg

These are ensouled objects, meaning each item contains the spirit of Jupiter backed by the enduring presence of the fixed star Antares, Archangel Oriel Watcher of the West & Heart of the Scorpion.

Scent: Uplifting, cleansing, spacious
= happy go lucky enters the altered consciousness vibe

The F E M I N I N E Luck D R A G O N energy is so strong in these

+Self Belief
+ Enhanced ecstatic creativity
+Burning away false fears, control,
+Beautifying dreams
+ Increasing riches,resources,opportunity
+ Passion
+Fertility, Health & Vitality
+ Release of unnecessary pain associated with death & rebirth karma
+ Freedom of mind & Body
+Enhanced memory & intelligence
+Sharpened Senses

My personal experience since using keywords are: eminence, rosy glow, passion, pyramid, sacral chakra, purifier of pride, regeneration, protection, astral travel, drawing opportunity, fertility, personal power, health, success in endeavors, creating sacred space, healthy, wealthy, wise, belief as a super power

Get the Jupiter Golden Galaxy Invocation to accompany your rituals here.


Candles 2oz, Aura Mists 6oz, Bejeweled Talisman Necklace

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  1. Julia Thomas

    As soon as I sprayed the Aura mist around my body, it made my pussy tingle

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