Glowgetter VIP Sophisticato Grooming KIT


“If you’re sad add more lipstick and attack.” ~ Coco Chanel

A bespoke, one-of-a-kind Health & Beauty Self-Care Ritual Program designed to give you #Glowgetter status from the inside out.

Ideal choice for: Boho-crystal-essential oil-astro-fiends, yogis, health/beauty mysteries, weight loss-skin emergencies, revenge makeovers, heartbreaks or green beauty product junkies who have blown entire paychecks on shopping sprees — without the results to show for it. Trust me, this part is totally worth it!

The magical process begins with a seriously detailed questionnaire engineered to uncover your hidden glowing treasures, followed by a phone call/zoom session, or in-person visit with me in which we will ———-. Discuss any upcoming events, performances, photo shoots, stage work you are preparing for OR if this is a bizarro skin condition, what is super important to you, when it comes to your skin care ritual beauty program.

You will leave with a prescription akin to a “to-do” list. But unlike other to-do lists, this one will actually get you off and takes place before all the goodies arrive.
Included in your kit are physician crafted beauty & performance products, hand-tailored to your unique energetic body and soul signature, divinely channeled through consulting of the stars and oracle tarot too.


What you get in your handmade treasure kit:

1 aura/bed linen mist

1 botanical perfume

1 flower/gem essence

1 facial elixir

1 body oil

1 herbal chocolate adaptogenic formula

Your kit comes with detailed instructions, spell work, and invocation to apropos goddesses/deities, as well as how and when to use them, and why.

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