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Goth Romance



“She wears strength & darkness equally well. The girl has always been half goddess, half hell.”

~Nikita Gil

Sex with Ghosts is a phenomena entertained by those kissed by Valkyrie Queen herself, Freya.

These are the initiates who straddle the worlds of the living & the dead. They are the shapeshifters, romantic, witty & beguiling femme fatales whose beauty is both irresistibly stunning & striking. Certainly passionate seekers of pleasures & thrills but they too are the völva, endowed with magic responsible for choosing & transporting those slain in battle for ecstatic entry into Valhalla, the afterlife.

Star crossed lovers, twin flames, nurses & healers of the battlefield, indulging in the taboo, forbidden or lingering romance from “another time”or dreaming of lovers past their expiration date are themes.

Scent: floral rose

This scent will protect & transport you here & there, in a veiled cocoon of turkish rose laced with patchouli, frankincense, chocolate saffron, civet & ambrette as you ride through the darkness of night in a chariot drawn by cats.






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