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Haute Body Goddess

You are the Goddess and your body is the temple and this is hands down the best way to #ownit
30 extraordinary days to worshiping your own body like the Love Goddess you are.
This is a multidimensional body-love protocol unlike anything you have ever experienced.
If you’ve been hopelessly attempting to:
+Reclaim confidence in your entire BEING
+Establish an intimate love language & relationship with your WHOLE body
+Lose Weight
+Have more fun being on camera, on stage, looking good
+Feel sexier
+Get pregnant
Reclaim your strength & body as your beloved temple for ages, whether on your own or through some other method to no avail, then this goddess program is custom-fitted for you.
It’s a hell of a lot more than just losing weight, eating right, and exercising
It’s about F A L L I N G M A D L Y I N L O V E with your body again. Beyond shedding pounds, you will drop baggage, which is the true challenge, isn’t it?
Bring radical balance to your sex hormones.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Goodbye frustration. Hello gorgeous, confident you.

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What is the Haute Body Goddess program?
It’s a jumpstart on your metabolism that gains momentum each step of the way, keeping you motivated by your own results. (You are gonna be addicted to the results, albeit in a healthy way!). This is an investment in your whole self, no doubt.
And in honor of you, I have a fab offer.
“Take a cosmic stance on life.”
An invitation for you to step off the dieting and self-loathing rollercoaster, and step into a way of life that’s rooted in pure self-love and luxuriously nourishing choices.

If you are in deep… whatever hole or block you feel you’re in, you can do your best to jump out and end up sliding right back down, because the conditions we place upon ourselves are there to protect us. And it can be incredibly challenging to face what we can’t see, what is hidden to us, because we can push our truth down really deep, because confronting that pain is unbearable, and we silently say to ourselves I’ll never let myself feel that again…..

And we like what is comfortable, what is known, what is safe. We don’t like to make an investment unless we know for sure we are gonna get our “money” back and I say money but what we are really risking is our hearts. We want guarantees and the truth is the only guarantee in life is that you are gonna die.

Because the truth is, the real you is huge. Your light is so big it’s hard to even accept. It’s scary and may bring up all sorts of feelings of what you may have denied in yourself for this long, even if you already feel your life is OK, and further more you might think you should be grateful for all you have. And we do have a lot…. but what would like feel like if you truly appreciated yourself, and loved yourself FREE?

If living an OK life is totally comfortable for you, my work is not for you. I am here to serve those that want to live an amazing life. That want to shatter the rooftops of their potential, and shift family patterns not just for the jewels but for the real jewels our our life, our loved ones and children, our world. Because who we are and the energy we emit ripples out. We are one thread in a ginormous tapestry of life.

Because what we don’t resolve we leave to our next generation, whether this is a child of your body or the children of the future.

Contact me today for the full details and see if this right for you.
Medical insurance, payment plans, and CareCredit all accepted.

3 reviews for Haute Body Goddess

  1. A.M.

    When faced with the end I needed to go back to the beginning. Smiling because my heart feels whole again, I found my balance and I feel healthier and happier than ever. Grateful I took the time and investment to change my life and get to this place…. you gave a gift. This was a love potion, I fell in love with myself and found the rich man in me. P.S. Omg my new man is OBSESSED with the oil you made me! I’m pretty sure that’s a good sign

  2. Jacquelyn Tierney

    In one session we identified the origins to my rapid weight gain (hint: it’s not my food intake and it’s not necessarily my reduced exercise) and how I can shapeshift into the body I want for this next chapter in my life. (I’m in a personal 9 year getting ready for 2019/personal 1 year.)

    I’m going to work with her to help me lose the 20lbs I’ve softened my body with since April. Because I’m ready to do so in a sustainable way.

    Hire her now!!!

  3. M.R.B.

    I went through a total transformation,…it was largely mind, soul, environment and relationships. I gained a greater love and acceptance of my body.

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