Heavenly Bodies Astro Report


An “all you need to know” for nourishing and conditioning your uniquely designed body and vessel of light. Get ready to take things up a notch, vibing high and shining “bright like a diamond.”

Consult & Report of findings done off of your zodiac blueprint and tongue analysis. This report will identify your constitutional & elemental body type, your best exercises, botanicals, scents, flower essences, healing therapies, remedies, practices, and more for your divine body temple. If your body was a starship and it kinda really is, this would be the ultimate self care manual for maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting. Upcoming astrological transits to be aware of included. digitized email breakdown for easy reference. Please send birth data including birthday, exact time and location along with a good quality image of tongue taken in natural light.

Report is approx. 10 pages

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“Hence, he who values his body more than dominion over the empire can be entrusted with the empire. He who loves his body more than dominion over the empire can be given custody of the empire.” -~Tao Te Ching

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Turn around time: 1-2 weeks


2 reviews for Heavenly Bodies Astro Report

  1. V.L. Feng Shui Consultant

    “Wow!!…It all makes sense, especially since I don’t cook pungent. I have a friend that always adds tabasco sauce or any thing to make my food spicy! Plus I am metal in feng shui, my colors are silver, gold, white, blue, grays…I miss spinning & roller blading, plus my brother keeps telling me to try kick boxing by the house! I love lifting weights & I’m not consistent with it even though I have my dumb bells with me!….I’ve been looking for colonics… So I’ll start !Thanks for all the fabulous info!!”

    ***AMAZING FOR ANY OF THE Cardinal SIGNS (Capricorn, Libra, Cancer, Aries)  NOW FEELING THE LEAN & MEAN VIBES OF SATURN.

  2. Daphna Simone

    Obsessed with my heavenly body report by Stephanie Pierre ✨🌟✨ her otherworldly mix of psychic cosmic energy healing, mermaid soul power, and herb/flower/acupuncture ancient wisdom is truly one of a kind.

    Since having our session and reading the gorgeous report, I’ve felt 10000% more ME. I’ve started a new self care routine working with Chinese herbs and flower essences that feel truly magical. Stephanie has a gift 💝 you can’t find in ordinary people or places. I’m so blessed to work with her (I told you I have the best clients in the Universe), learn from her and call her a dear friend and soul sistar 🧜‍♀️🦄🌙

    Thank you Steph for going above and beyond – you know what I mean xoxoxo

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