Jupiter Golden Galaxy


For the Guru inside of you. Arouse your soul & set your wild heart free.

Sagittarius is the sign of the mystical centaur, driven by non other than Galaxy King Jupiter. Reknown to transfigure himself into animal form, one erotic quest after another; ensuring the success of his fertile and virile endeavors. May your dreams seeds of sacred expansion be received in victorious splendour.

This sound healing prescription is a musical talisman, composed and recorded while Jupiter rules in Sagittarius, in the hour of Jupiter and on his Day Thursday. The format is HD audio and designed to be listened to WITH HEADPHONES from start to finish in order to receive the full magical benefits.

Jupiter Resonances: This may be used in conjunction with any ritual, petition, meditation or magical conjuring you have for Luck, optimism, hope, success, fertility, expansion, development, wisdom, faith, compassion, trust, favor, worldview, confidence, generosity, sincerity, benefactors, philosophers, advisors, investors, law, religion, mythology, theory, higher education, banking, church, inflation, hips, thighs, sciatic, sacral chakra, liver, eyesight.

Infused with the Gamma 40Hz and HGH releasing binaurals which work at the sacral chakra to bring healing, enhanced sexuality, and creative inspiration.

If you’d like to sing along the Vedic Mantra is


This carries the seed sounds (energetic vibrations) of the planet Jupiter. You will notice an intensification of this when listened to on Thursday (Thor’s Day) or Sunday evenings during sunset (Night of Jupiter.) 

The orphic hymn to Kronos may be found here. (Zeus)

For best results, listen to these with headphones everyday consecutively for 4-12 weeks. Even better if you listen to before bedtime, as this is prime time to rewire your subconscious. 

Sound Production Engineer: Robert John Malone

Instrumentation: Billy Zanski ( Skinny Beats –  Asheville, NC )

Vocals: Sirencreatrix



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