Mermaid Meditation


“I am the star that rises from the sea, the twilight sea. I bring men dreams that rule their destiny.”

~Dion Fortune

On this 30minute guided meditation, you will journey with your inner mermaid, anchoring you deeper into your soul’s purpose, in a fluid embrace of mystical remembrance.

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1 review for Mermaid Meditation

  1. Eartha Goodwin

    My experience with the mermaid cleanse was profound. The mermaid meditation seemed perfectly timed for the experiences in my life that followed. I ended up going to where I was during the visualization.
    I reconnected to my divine flow..having precious time with strong women in a state of discernment, seeing through the mirror…and having the most amazing adventure with my sons in the redwood forest and San Francisco.
    I am still flowing. I am now working on a portrait series of women, exploring movement in the dark sea of possibilities.
    I’d say the mermaid cleanse opened a portal. I am so glad I swam through. Thank you so many times dear Stephanie. I love your insight, planning and inspiration!

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