Mermaid Soul


For the Mermaid that believes in the beauty of her dreams.

In this 90minute video we cover:

Developing a relationship to your inner diva, Sexy Self Care, Intimacy, Emotional freedom, beauty, magic mirrors and working on the ethereal 5D realms to realize heaven on earth.

A guided meditation is also included.

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2 reviews for Mermaid Soul

  1. Aubree Thurman

    I just finished completely watching the mermaid class all the way through and I am mind blown as ALWAYS! Stephanie Pierre you are so intelligent, yet you explain things in the most beautiful and easy to understand ways. You make everything so practical. I love it and so glad to be in this space. xo

  2. Lisa Briggs Intuitive Body

    A really rich and beautiful class. Thank you, You bring such value to these.

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