Sekmet: Egyptian Spitfire Goddess Perfume


Behold Sekmet. First of her name.
She enters your presence adorned with Egyptian neroli & blood oranges laced with saffron, opening into a heart of orange flower, ylang, and spiced clove buds.
Trailing beyond her fierce yet graceful steps linger blonde tobacco, tarragon and the scorched breath of the desert.

“I am the Passion of Lightning & the Command of Thunder, What exists, Is, because I have willed it to BE. I am the Queen of Heaven in a Mansion of Fire, I am first amount those in the Great Sky Boat of Eternity.” ~Hymn to Sekmet

Her breath itself formed the deserts whilst fire blazes in her blood lust eyes. She is a royal & mighty protectress and huntress. Lion headed and donning a golden sun disk upon her head, she also is gifted in healing and rules over warfare, avenging wrongs, purification thru fire and menstruation.

Inspired by a luscious Leo client, my latest botanical potion is brewing…

Samples available for purchase come with a mini reading of where Sekmet lurks in your star chart.


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Made with Rue Flower Essence & Pyrite Gem Elixir:

These allies of flora & gemstone synergistically work together to block energy leakage on the psychic and etheric levels. One may find greater containment of resources to activate, empower and manifest on professional and personal responsibilities.

Useful when you feel scattered, depleted, have poor immunity, boundaries, lack of clarity & discrimination.


Sample, 3ml, 10ml, 50ml

4 reviews for Sekmet: Egyptian Spitfire Goddess Perfume

  1. Jessica Mushlin

    Recently I tried her scents. I left them in the corner of my bathroom because off of my skin they smelled a bit like a new age store. Then I decided before I dismiss them as generic, I should just try. Well I tried, and I was shocked. The smells on my skin are the most gorgeous smells I have ever smelled. I can’t be without them on me, I shower and I have to put one on again. Each one truly evokes a different part of you that you forget you have or a part of you that you haven’t met yet. The skill that she innately has to create this magic, combined with the astrological knowledge, and creative mind, is outstanding. I now have 5 scents that I use for whichever part of me I choose to bring forth.

  2. Kimberly

    Your perfumes are amazing! They are just what I wanted to add that touch
    of glamour!

  3. Meghan Cowens

    Please make more Sekmet perfume! It’s ahhmazing. Was B’s favorite smell. I love them all but Sekmet felt especially magical right now.

  4. Lisa Briggs

    It’s gorgeous…mysterious,soft

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