Soul Glam Apprenticeship


Soul Glam Class is currently in session but, you are invited to drop in. After enrollment you will get access to past recordings and can attend future sessions live.

I created this those of you that have asked to work with me, whether to apprentice or for personal enrichment but, are not ready for my 90 Day Soul Glam Makeover. This serves as an alternative introductory start up. Both of these programs are complementary to each other but stand alone on their own.

**Spiritually based practitioners- this would be an excellent compliment to expand & enhance your arsenal.

The program is $297 for 9 months and will be going up in price next year.

You get:

+One 90min class every month

+I will show you the gems that took me years to synthesize, from all of the best sources + my own personal spin on their integration.

+Tools to bring more value to your patients, clients & family

+Break down your walls and misconceptions of what healing and a spiritual journey are supposed to be

+Enhance your ability to change your life and that of others

+A structured course program to keep you disciplined & inspired every month

+ includes a Facebook group/meetup community hosted by me to share, exchange, and support further studies, experiments, questions, and connection.

Course Syllabus:

Oracle Priestess: Learn to use signs, symbols, oracle, & divination to listen to your body and what it needs. (February)

Mermaid: Developing a relationship to your inner diva, Sexy Self Care, Intimacy, emotional freedom, beauty, magic mirrors and working on the ethereal 5D realms to realize heaven on earth (March)

Word Witchery: manifestation magic, learning to express your feelings, communication challenges, learning to hear your inner voice aka Abracadabra: I create as I speak (April)

Master Tigress: Being a fierce feline in charge of your energy and output, harnessing anger as a tool for growth, movement & social justice (May)

Do you suppose she is wildflower? Using the power & love language of flowers for broken hearts, depression, emotional wellbeing, hormonal balance, & boosting creativity (June)

Botanica Erotica: indulge your senses and discover the myriad scents & botanicals, practices available from nature to spark your creativity, arouse your passion, sensuality and sexuality. Herbs for sexual disempowerment, fertility, pleasure, and healing (July)

Feeling cock blocked by life? Learn how to get off with Saturn & Get Shit Done by learning to master your SELF & aligning with your source. (August)

Astrology as a spiritual practice (September)

Zodiac Bio Hacking – get woke on your constitutional body type (vehicles user’s manual ) with pre disposed health attributes and risks based on your astrological blueprint + exercises, diet, herbs (October)

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