The Queen Collection Perfumes


What happens when you make two badass Leo themed perfumes?
You name one Queen of Wands & the other Queen of the Jungle.

Queen of Wands is made with extremely rare & divine Golden Boronia from New Zealand (Queens only get the very best right?) and the soothing blonde notes of precious Sandalwood. It smells like a magical forest beaming with luminescent rays of sunshine.

Queen of the Jungle is the floral bombshell of ALL bursting with the scent of exotic night blooming indolic jasmine, mouth watering creamy peach, ylang ylang, powdery amber and bright citrus notes. You will love the lavishness, this is the Royal Hautness.



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The Queen Collection Perfumes - Sample - Queen of Wands Sample Queen of Wands $8.00
The Queen Collection Perfumes - 50ml - Queen of the Jungle 50ml Queen of the Jungle $297.00
The Queen Collection Perfumes - 10ml - Queen of Wands 10ml Queen of Wands $88.00
The Queen Collection Perfumes - 3ml - Queen of Wands 3ml Queen of Wands $33.00
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Queen of Wands
“Be the flame, not the moth.” Casanova
She is the queen of desire. She knows exactly what she wants and exactly how to get it. The joy is in the seduction, not the triumph however.
She magnetizes what she needs. No chase required.

5 reviews for The Queen Collection Perfumes

  1. Vata Girl

    It’s super unique and intoxicating, almost like you can’t stop smelling it; definitely resonates with the idea of Leonine magnetism! Love that it’s very feminine though too (at least to me), most of the time you see Leo/Sun-inspired oils or perfumes with a lot of spice or distinctly masculine notes so this is definitely a refreshing new take on the solar principle… wearing it absolutely changes my frequency, like it takes me to a place where I feel comfortable within my own will/authority/power, yet not threatened or fearful of others, no longer defensive. Much more secure within myself. As if I can finally relax because I know I am connected to the eternal Sun. Love this one!!

  2. Anna Loza

    I just spent some minutes trying to take a photo of the star I put beside my eye this morning after I opened your package. I cant really show it..I also put one on my man’s eye as I keep sticking my wrists out for him to smell.
    That said, I can TELL you, that I wanted to message you asap, because I just smelled my wrist (Empress), and groaned, ‘oh God, that is so fucking gooood’ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ”ฅโšกโฃ๏ธ
    So, there we have it. Another epic package.
    The samples seem to last me a crazy wild while, as I am still using the Queen of Wands ones! I have them on consistent rotation with my other perfumes (Libra rising), and they just keep on giving
    Aaand…your note touches my heart.
    Thank you Queen of siren scents.
    I am so in love, again
    I want more beings to experience this gorgeousness. Other than making my own, I only buy scents and body adornments from your lovely self. Highly alchemized goodness, you have. Yes.

  3. Alexis Rodriguez

    Nothing is sweeter than the love this gift was wrapped in. One love @sirencreatrix. Besides my excitement for my magical elixir, it’s what was inside that truly made my inner fairy fly! The scent of calming lavender and the twinkling of fallen stars from the heavens. I can’t wait to anoint my wand and get to work!

  4. Jessica Mushlin

    Recently I tried her scents. I left them in the corner of my bathroom because off of my skin they smelled a bit like a new age store. Then I decided before I dismiss them as generic, I should just try. Well I tried, and I was shocked. The smells on my skin are the most gorgeous smells I have ever smelled. I can’t be without them on me, I shower and I have to put one on again. Each one truly evokes a different part of you that you forget you have or a part of you that you haven’t met yet. The skill that she innately has to create this magic, combined with the astrological knowledge, and creative mind, is outstanding. I now have 5 scents that I use for whichever part of me I choose to bring forth.

  5. Kimberly

    Your perfumes are amazing! They are just what I wanted to add that touch
    of glamour!

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