Venus Mystic Mermaid


For the Mermaid that believes in the beauty of her dreams.

This sound healing prescription is a musical talisman, composed and recorded while Venus was in Libra, on her Day Friday and her hour. The format is HD audio and designed to be listened to WITH HEADPHONES from start to finish in order to receive the full magical benefits.

This may be used in conjunction with any ritual, petition, meditation or magical conjuring you have for Love, Romance, Wealth, Family Peace, Pleasure as well to bring more healing to your heart & sexual/reproductive organs.

Venus Resonances: Love, joy, beauty, pleasure, charm, grace, taste, contentment, sensuality. Attraction, partnership. Art, fashion, music, amusements. Valuables, beautiful things, ornamentations, profit. Wife, lover, flirt, courtship, dating. Young women, artists, musicians, sexual & reproductive organs, heart

Infused with the Golden ratio Fibonacci frequency and Schumann Resonance also known as 432hz, which works at the heart chakra and Earths resonance to bring greater clarity & soothing rejuvenation to the listener. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

If you’d like to sing along the Vedic Mantra is


This carries the seed sounds (energetic vibrations) of the planet Venus. This is best performed on Fridays (Venus Day) or Monday evenings during sunset (Night of Venus.) 

The orphic hymn to Venus may be found here.


Sound Production Engineer: Robert John Malone

Vocals: Sirencreatrix


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  1. Joy

    I am obsessed with your Venus sound healing recording. It’s AMAZING!!! So beautiful I must have listened to it like 15 times last night. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing.

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