Voxer Oracle


Your intuitive guidance for challenging times.

Maybe you’ve got a big event, date, or intense week and you NEED SUPPORT. So many clients swear by my voxer support. It’s a walkie talkie app (so I can hear your voice & you’ll hear mine) where you can rant, rave, vent ask all the questions you want about your love life, business, spiritual journey, health, astrological chart, yo mama, whatever—

I am your 24/7 consultant. I may not always respond right away BUT, I will respond to every question by the end of the day. I will provide you with deep heart centered space so you feel held, feel heard, clear your head, move past whatever block or depression you may be experiencing + I’ll give you my insights, word witchery tips, inspiration, exercises, suggestions, health advice; I’m mega creative with solutions.

Once I receive payment I will email you instructions and we can get to it.

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3 reviews for Voxer Oracle

  1. M.R.B.

    …..It was really intense! At times when it was so hard, I wanted to give up, I felt you really understood my journey and had profound insights. I appreciated the daily support via voxer.

  2. elite

    In response to question “What was your favorite part of Haute Body Goddess?”….
    -Voxer, your magical powers.

  3. A.W.

    You’re always SPOT ON!

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