Yemaya Moon Series


“When the sunlight dies away let the delicious secret out to every breeze that roams about. “Thomas Moore Jasmine Queen of the Night

Mood: Luxurious Moonbathing (luxury literally translates of the light.)
When we soak in our own intuitive knowing, we tap into our truest wealth, security, and comfort. This currency is the feminine Magic of Queens; fully illumined in self worth & filled with the unconditional Love of the Great Mother.
Yemaya is the Yoruban Orisha of the Sea; Where all life begins. We are held in the embrace of the great mother in her arms with unconditional love & compassion, as she nurtures our needs, hungers, and physical desires.
The talismans feature a waxing exalted Moon in Taurus exact on Ascendent sextiling Venus the chart ruler on her day (Moon)day
Scent Perfume: Skank concealed & only revealed by moonlight
Notes of night blooming jasmine, melon iris & the salty seashore
Magical & Ritual Uses:
Feminine Confidence
Sexual Healing
Rulership: Moon & secondary Venus
Element: Water
Gender: All woman
Ingredients: 100% natural botanicals & ambergris
Candle: 100% Creamy Beeswax 4 oz Burn time +20 hrs
Prayers to Yemaya assist with:
Healing the inner child, relationships to our mother, children, & family
Fertility, difficulty experiencing sexual pleasure, orgasm
Deepening romantic soul bonds
Being the kind of Mama you want to be
Getting your needs met with ease and grace
Taking care of yourself & loved ones
Financial & material abundance
Moon cycle balance & healing
Pregnancy Support
Enhanced Sensuality
A moon in Taurus powerfully tunes your soul into the currencies of unabashed feminine body worship.
May also be helpful for eating disorders, digestive ailments, body shame/dysmorphia and an overall feeling of anxiety or suppression of emotional needs.
***My intention in crafting these was to provide regrounding stability for the impending Uranus in Taurus for the next 7yrs. Also note that the making of this talismanic series along with Star of Isis Venus talisman contributed greatly to connecting with a very gifted sound engineer, Robert Malone, whom I collaborated with to create, Come with Me my most recent single.
If Venus in Libra is the outer expression of Love and beauty, the Moon in Taurus is the inner feeling of being loved and treasured, which is the container for feminine confidence to then radiate outside of the body from within. 
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Yemaya Moon Series - Perfume Elixir Perfume Elixir $69.00
Yemaya Moon Series - Bath Salt Bath Salt $46.00
Yemaya Moon Series - Aura Mist Aura Mist $69.00
Yemaya Moon Series - Lip Balm Lip Balm $17.00
Yemaya Moon Series - Talisman Necklace Talisman Necklace $244.00
Yemaya Moon Series - Candle Candle $99.00
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Lip/Cuticle Balm: Coconut Kiss Flavored with notes of melon iris

Bath Salts: gardenia petals, iris, melon, jasmine, Himalayan & Epsom Salts, silver leaf

Candles: Made of 100% pure natural materials of creamy beeswax, perfumed with the rich fragrance of jasmine, melon, iris dusted with jewels sacred to Luna & Yemaya, blue pearl, moon beams & genuine silver leaf

Aura Moon Mist & Perfume: feature notes of night blooming jasmine, gardenia, iris, melon, citrus sea shore & seaweed, ambergris


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Candle, Aura Mist, Bath Salt, Lip Balm, Talisman Necklace, Perfume Elixir

4 reviews for Yemaya Moon Series

  1. Nerlyn Jestine

    I bought an isis goddess candle and all I can say is wow!!! My soul was so happy and I felt so sensual. The fragrance was light and sweet. She is amazing at what she does.

  2. L.B.

    The smell is divine and the candle is gorgeous (Star of Isis Venus in Libra series)

  3. Lisa Briggs Intuitive Body

    Isis has been beloved to me for a long long time. And over the past year, through Stephanie I’ve learned more about the influence of Venus and have watched as events in my life coincided with her transits. And when this gorgeous sparkly candle filled with the Isis star Spica and Venus and as I was coming to a place where I was truly ready for new love, I said a holy yes. A new altar devoted to Venus and this Star… and to calling in love.. the candle burned at the prescribed hours and I added my prayers, my devotion and vision, my holy words and chants to the gorgeous feminine.

    And within a few weeks… Love found me. This is true, and I would tell you more but it is still early and I am still watching it all unfold. Make some magic, see what happens, add the right support… open your heart and love it all.

    Stephanie is a powerful creator, powerful healer, a true Wise Woman despite her actual age, she is a true ally as you walk through
    the beauty of this world.

  4. Kathleen Orin

    I will just say buying the Isis Candle yesterday shifted some major things in my relationship for the better and it hasn’t even arrived yet. That some hot AF mojo, my friend. xo

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