My experience with the mermaid cleanse was profound. The mermaid meditation seemed perfectly timed for the experiences in my life that followed. I ended up going to where I was during the visualization.
I reconnected to my divine flow..having precious time with strong women in a state of discernment, seeing through the mirror…and having the most amazing adventure with my sons in the redwood forest and San Francisco.
I am still flowing. I am now working on a portrait series of women, exploring movement in the dark sea of possibilities.
I’d say the mermaid cleanse opened a portal. I am so glad I swam through. Thank you so many times dear Stephanie. I love your insight,planning and inspiration!






In one session we identified the origins to my rapid weight gain (hint: it’s not my food intake and it’s not necessarily my reduced exercise) and how I can shapeshift into the body I want for this next chapter in my life. (I’m in a personal 9 year getting ready for 2019/personal 1 year.)

I’m going to work with her to help me lose the 20lbs I’ve softened my body with since April. Because I’m ready to do so in a sustainable way.

Hire her now!!!

When faced with the end I needed to go back to the beginning. Smiling because my heart feels whole again, I found my balance and I feel healthier and happier than ever. Grateful I took the time and investment to change my life and get to this place…. you gave a gift. This was a love potion, I fell in love with myself and found the rich man in me.

P.S. Omg my new man is OBSESSED with the botanical oil you made me! I’m pretty sure that’s a good sign

I believe in Sacred Contracts. I believe that we meet and are drawn to those whom we will create and experience something significant with. I have never been able to make much use of Astrology. I’ve found it beyond my technical grasp and understanding. Until I saw videos of Stephanie talking about the planets in a more archetypal, symbolic, storytelling way that really spoke to me, and began consulting with her. Stephanie brings a little more magic, a boatload of sensual beauty, a powerful understanding of the male and female energies and the language of the stars and the sky, and the archetypes and energies of the stories they tell. It’s romantic, beautiful, compelling.. and results in fresh perspective and understanding. Add in her own intuitive knowing, the voice of an angel with mantra, stories that weave together themes that your subconscious can truly hear and metabolize so that true change can occur. She is generous, she is kind, her use of language and imagery is gorgeous and compelling.. and… she is powerful in ways that are rare and balanced, especially in younger women . I adore her. I trust her. She has walked me through one of the biggest transitions of my 60+ years, breaking a pattern that has undermined me forever. Stephanie is a bright gorgeous talented light who knows what’s what, sees clearly and knows what language you will best absorb and make use of. Worth every penny and then some.

I AM truly in love with my sensuous #livingInlove signature fragrance. The journey of co-creating it with you my beautiful sister was magickal. We ebbed and flowed so beautifully with what was the Guides of Living In Love were expressing through us. I love you and am thrilled to have my first official Living In Love signature product. Floral magic! <3

The experience of having my perfume created was deliciously nurturing and enjoyable.  She asked me questions about my desires and passions, she looked at my astrological chart and then we had a sniffing session where I got to express my likes and dislikes.  My perfume is deliciously scented and powerful.  I use a tiny amount, especially when I want to be my most powerful and effective.

I thought I was at a low point when I met Stephanie. I had been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half, had gone through a failed IUI, and felt completely depleted. Stephanie helped me rebuild. She was the perfect person to meet at such a raw stage. I honestly don’t think I would have my baby girl if it weren’t for Steph. Her acupuncture helped encourage and sustain the success of the IVF I ended up going through. Without her I would not be as healed as I am today on such a personal level. Her work, her magic, her being, all helped get me to the point of gratitude that I’m in. My family and I are forever grateful for Stephanie and all her “badassery.”