The elixirs are customized based on your astrological chart!

Only the best to say about Stephanie and her creations. I am living overseas and asked Stephanie if she could create a blend for myself and for my boyfriend. I was in a time crunch to get it, and she totally accommodated my time and get the products to me way before I needed them. Both of the elixirs are customized based on our astrological charts (in depth) and I also told her the scents I enjoyed and the things I needed to balance my life away from home. Her sprays are nothing but MAGIC. She created a slice of heaven for my body, home, and soul. I want to consume the elixir with my entire being. Thank you so much Stephanie for creating such beautiful, sensitive scents. (RockStar Elixir Review)
SARAH SCHIFF- Ayurveda Practitioner


Stephanie Pierre
SARAH SCHIFF- Ayurveda Practitioner